U.S. Army Story

The United States Marine Corps, USMC acronym, also known in Italy or simply comeCorpo Marine Marine, is one of the armed forces of the United States.Although in the early years after the foundation was concerned almost exclusively on the security of ships and amphibious operations, the Marine Corps has evolved such that it assumes multiple roles, making it a special case in the military of the United States .With 203,000 active duty military and 40,000 in the reserve. The Marine Corps is the second smallest of the U.S. armed forces and only the Coast Guard, an official from the Department of Homeland Security has a staff outnumbered. The Corps, however, exceeds in size the armed forces of almost all major countries: is greater, for example of the 'army of the United Kingdom ...

United States Army
The United States Army, commonly abbreviated as U.S. Army is the army of the United States, the largest of the armed forces of the United States.In fiscal 2008, the United States Army consisted of 539,675 soldiers, the Army National Guard (ARNG) 360 351, the United States Army Reserve (USAR) 197 024.Forerunner of the United States Army Continental Army was established June 14, 1775, before the declaration of independence, to meet the expected war against the forces of the United Kingdom. To replace the Continental Army, disbanded after the war, Congress created June 3, 1784 the United States Army.The primary mission of U.S. Army is to provide strategies and skills necessary to the security and national defense of the United States of America and its control is entrusted to the Department of the Army, one of the three departments headed by the Department of Defense. At the head of the Department of the Army has placed a civil servant who took the title of Secretary of the Army, roughly equivalent to a Secretary of State for Defence with responsibility for Italian Army and the Army takes on the top of the hierarchy. At the height of the military hierarchy has placed the Chief of Army Staff, which is the highest officer in the Army position.
Weapons:M16 Assault RifleM4 CarbineM9 PistolM249 light machine gun light machine gun (LMG)M110 sniper rifleM9 BayonetSingle-shot grenade launcher M203 40mmM240 medium machine gunBrowning M2 heavy machine gunMk19 automatic grenade launcherM224 60mm MortarM252 81mm mortarM120 120mm MortarM242 Bushmaster 25mm cannonM230 30mm gun
Training in the U.S. Army is generally divided into two categories: individual and collective.The basic training (basic training for recruits) consists of ten weeks, followed by the Advanced Individualized Training (AIT) (Advanced Individualized Training), where the soldiers are prepared for their MOS (Military Occupational Specialties, Occupational Specialization Military, indicating the particular field of expertise of the military) in one of the many places of training in the United States. The duration varies depending on the MOS AIT in question.For future officers, however, training is preceded by the preparation prior to the appointment in different locations: the United States Military Academy at West Point, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (Corps Training for officers of the Reserve, a course offered to university students in exchange for scholarships and benefits) or all'Officer Candidate School (Officers Candidate School, located in Fort Benning, Georgia, which accepts both civilian and military). Following the appointment, the neo-officers are sent to the Basic Officer Leaders Course (Basic Course in precedenzaOfficer), which varies in time and place, depending on future use.The collective training takes place either at the place of service assigned to units in the three Combat Training Centers (CTC) (the Combat Training Centers): the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, Calif., the Joint Readiness Training Center ( JRTC) at Fort Polk, Louisiana, the Joint Multinational Training Center (JMRC) in Honefels to Honefels Training Area, Germany.

United States Navy

The United States Navy, commonly abbreviated as U.S. Navy, or the acronym USN, is the United States Navy, one of the armed forces of the United States of America.Responsible for the conduct of naval military operations, the primary mission of U.S. Navy is "to maintain, train and equip combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, be a deterrent to aggression and maintain peace on the seas."The U.S. Navy in fiscal 2008, has 331,682 men and women on active duty and 124,000 in the Naval Reserve, with 283 vessels and operates more than 3,700 airplanes.The United States Navy traces its origins to the Continental Navy (Continental Navy), founded during the War of Independence in 1790 and dismantled. The Constitution of the United States laid the groundwork for the establishment of a navy giving Congress the power to "provide and maintain a Navy" ("to Provide and Maintain a navy").According to the reorganization of the U.S. Navy led by Admiral Chester Nimitz, the active fleet in the Pacific are designated by an odd number, those active in the Atlantic and Mediterranean by an even number.
United States Air Force

The United States Air Force, USAF acronym, is the current U.S. Air Force, part of the armed forces of the United States. Is the branch of the military administration that deals with U.S. air war, war, space and cyberwarfare.The USAF is one of seven "uniformed services" "uniformed services" and was created as a separate and independent armed force by the army September 18, 1947. It currently represents the largest air force in the world with over 9,000 in service velicoli, bases scattered around the globe and about 352,000 men and women on active duty. The overall performance provided by the USAF in 2009 was officially designated with three descriptions: Global Vigilance, Global Reach and Global Power (Viglianza Global, Global Reach and Global Power) with 5 573 aircraft with a pilot service (USAF 3990; 1 213 Air National Guard, and 370 Air Force Reserve) approximately 180 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2 130 cruise missiles from the air-launched, and 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles. The 'actual USAF has 327,452 active duty, Air Force Reserve Command 115,299, and 106,700 in the Air National Guard (September 2008 data). In addition, the USAF employs 171 313 civilian workers, and has 57 000 members in the Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.In 2010, a more recent Posture Statement has redefined the mission of the USAF as follows: Nuclear Deterrence Operations, Special Operations, Air Superiority, Global Integrated ISR, Space Superiority, Command and Control Cyberspace Superiority, Personnel Recovery, Global Precision Attack, BuildingPartnerships, Rapid Global Mobility and Agile Combat Support.Since the Second World War, the USAF and its predecessors have taken part in various conflicts around the world.The "Department of the Air Force" was directed by a civilian, "the Secretary of the Air Force", responsible for all administrative and political affairs. The "Department of the Air Force" is a division of the Department of Defense, headed by the Secretary of Defense.The highest official in the Department of the Air Force is the "Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force."The USAF is currently planning a drastic staff reductions (Reduction-in-Force or RIF), due to a reduction in funds available to it in the budget. The staff reduction would be about 40,000 seats to be implemented by 2011
United States Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard, USCG in code, also known in Italian comeGuardia Coast of the United States, is one of the armed forces of the United States. The tasks of the Institute concern the maritime police, assistance to mariners, the sea search and rescue (SAR), national defense and the fight against pollution.It is one of five U.S. military services. The staff is composed as follows: 42 389 soldiers in active service, divided among 34 134 8 255 sailors and officers of troops, reservists 6 946, 7 867 30 000 auxiliaries and civilian employees, making the United States Coast Guard and the fifth The smallest of the U.S. armed forces.Unlike the other U.S. armed forces, which depend on the Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Coast Guard has been placed in the employ of the Department of Homeland Security (Department of Homeland Security - DHS).The mission was officially assigned to protect citizens, environment, economic and security interests of the United States in any maritime region in which these interests may be at risk, including international waters, coasts, ports and roads' swaterways.
The current objectives of the training recruits (Recruit Training Objectives) are:- Self-discipline- Military Skills- Shooting- Professional and academic skills- Military Attitude- Physical well-being- Survival in the water and swim qualifying- Founding values: Honor, Respect and Devotion to duty.