Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force
The Royal Air Force, often abbreviated to RAF is the current Air Force of the United Kingdom and part of the armed forces of the United Kingdom.
The Royal Air Force was established on 1 April 1918, assuming a significant role in British military history, having a leading role in World War II and more recent conflicts. The RAF operates 853aircraft and, at March 31, 2008, has a staff of 41,440 units. Most of the RAF aircraft and personnel are based in the United Kingdom,but a percentage is employed in operations abroad (especially Iraq and Afghanistan) or at bases overseas (see the Falkland Islandsand Cyprus).
The RAF celebrated its 90 th birthday with a formation of Red Arrows and Typhoon 4, which flew over several air bases and the center of London.

The RAF's mission is to support the objectives of the Ministry of Defence (Ministry of Defence - MOD) and in particular the "DefenceVision", the key principles that define the task of Defense:
- Defending the United Kingdom and its interests
- Strengthening international peace and stability